Armored Truck

Hello everyone,

On Monday I posted my first sketches of an armored vehicle I had in mind. In the past days, I continued the 3D-Blockout and did some more sketching. At the moment, I’m using the 3D model as a base in Photoshop to do quick sketches on top of them, to flesh out ideas. I was able to think more about the cabin shape and personnel module that sits in the middle of the design. Ideally, I’ll find some time to organize all of them and clean them up at some point.

I do like the cabin with the large engine bay but in the end, I went for the more designed look of the cabin. I’m having really fun figuring everything out, how practical the vehicle is, all the way to the rotating parts of closets.

I also found some interesting images, which I saved in my Hard Surface – Mood folder. Wanted to share these with you. The front (or rear) of the vehicle is indeed like the face of a person. From left to right: Mowag Duro, Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle, MAN 10T, BTR 4, Skytrak MMV.

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  1. Regis says:

    nice project, very nice how you are structurally thinking through everything. certainly an added value for the end result.

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