Plein Air Painting trip

Last week my friend and colleague Jordy Lakiere and I went outside to do some traditional painting with our students from Digital Arts and Entertainment . We gave plein-air painting workshops to three different groups over two days in total for our annual ‘Creaweek’. We also prepared some paper boards with topics on it for the students to wear. That way they would remind themselves to think about the principles of composition, the primary colors, how to mix greys, atmospheric perspective,…


Creaweek – analogue painting workshop

The paintings were done in acrylics on 30x24cm/11.8×9.4in. canvases. It was great to see how to students, and me included, struggled to find the right colors at first, knowing that most of us are used to working in Photoshop. In the end, most of us were able to pull of some really decent paintings.

Since it was one of the first times I really took my painting gear ‘outside’, I had to come up with a portable easel. I constructed a small wooden case and mounted it on a tripod. I think it needs maybe some small modifications for my future trips, but I’m already happy it lasted for those two days (the screw is really small you know).



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